Kindergarten Addition


Kindergarten Addition is the first release from I Did It Learning. It teaches addition with numbers 0 through 10 where the answer is in the range of 0 through 10. 7 different activities are used to teach addition through visual cues with an 8th activity which removes the cues to confirm the skill has been mastered.

There is a bonus mouse maze stage for kids and there are very detailed visual progress screens for parents or teachers to see how their kids are doing.

This application has settings for speaking in either English or Spanish.

This software has been tested on preschool and kindergarten age children as well as special needs children. In all cases, it has proved very effective in teaching kids the basics of addition.


Getting Started – Create a profile by selecting the frame with the plus sign that says add. Fill in the profile details and add a picture if desired. Select Done to save the profile or Back to cancel. On the main screen, select the newly create profile to start learning. It’s a good idea to set up profiles for your kids or students with their pictures ahead of time. This way they can see and select their picture from the main screen easily upon launching the application.

Changing Spoken Languages – Select the gear to access the Settings screen and then select Learning Settings. Here you will see all the profiles listed. Select the profile you want to change and the spoken language options will be presented. Choose the spoken language desired for that profile.

Progress Reports – You can see progress for a particular profile by selecting the report card at the bottom of the screen. The list of profiles will be presented with their overall progress. You can then select a profile to see progress per learning activity. And then select a learning activity to see detailed progress.

Why does the application always reset to the main screen? – This is intended to make it easier for children to launch the application, select their picture, and start learning. If the application stayed in a previous state (like Settings or Progress Report), children may get confused and not understand how to get back to the learning activities. Also, the intent is to draw the attention of the child to the learning activities and away from the Settings, Progress Report, and Help which are intended for the parent or teacher.

Why just addition and in so many ways? – I Did It Learning teaches a single concept like addition through multiple visual methods thereby building a deep inherent understanding of the skill. Then eventually the cues are removed and the skill is mastered (No Cues activity). This approach tries to build a strong foundation in a single skill as opposed to playing a game where the child masters the games, but never masters the underlying skills demonstrated. The multiple different activities teach the same skill in different ways creating repetition without making the learning become boring.

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